Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions we hear most often:

Q. Is there a place to camp out the night before Paddle Bayou Lafourche begins?
A. No, BTNEP does not provide lodging for the Wednesday night. Please see the accommodation page for lodging options. 

Q. Can I register for just one day?
A. Absolutely! Check the registration page on the menu.

Q. Can I just come to the evening events?
A. Yes, paddlers are welcome to join the evening events on the day(s) they paddle if they are not camping.

Q. Should I bring food and water?
A. Meals are included in the registration fee and water and snacks are provided. You may want to bring additional snacks of your choice and carry a water bottle with you.

Q. I have special shuttle needs. Can you help me?
A. The free shuttle runs each morning from the take out point to the put in point, so that you may park your vehicle at the location where your day's trip will end. If you are staying the night, either camping or at other accommodations, your gear will be in your car waiting for you.

Q. How do I reserve a canoe?
A. Check the canoe rental on the registration form.

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