Canoeing Tips

Did you know to…

  • Dress for the water temperature and be prepared to get wet. Humidity, cool weather and/or cold water can result in hypothermia. Wear layers of clothing that can be added or taken off during the day. Windbreakers and rain gear should be part of the items you pack. Clothes should be packed in a waterproof container or a double trash bag. Take enough gear, but not excessive gear. Everything you take stands to get wet or lost, including jewelry, money, billfolds..etc.

  • Use an eyeglass strap for sunglasses or eyeglasses.

  • Use a sun hat and sunscreen on bright warm days.

  • Wear shoes! Old gym shoes, shoes that tie, or water shoes offer the most protection. Avoid sandals and flip flops.

  • Gloves are very important in avoiding blisters. Batting gloves, weightlifting gloves, or any type of glove that protects the inner thumb area.

  • Bring containers for drinking water.

  • Keeping the canoes free of water is important. Large sponges and/or bailing containers are important to have.

  • Food, water, and snacks will be provided during the trip, but water containers and waterproof containers for snacks and medications should be taken along. Remember all items not fastened in the boat are at risk of being lost and/or wet. No Styrofoam coolers or glass containers are allowed.

  • Paddling, even on our lazy bayou, is physical exercise. Consult your physician prior to undertaking any program of physical exercise. We have had experienced paddlers, first time paddlers, and paddlers ranging from 12 to 86 years of age; but paddling does give the arms a real workout. You may want to start building up a little more arm strength so you can go the distance.

  • Get plenty of rest prior to your outing. Eat a good meal before leaving on the trip. Drink plenty of fresh water on the bayou to prevent dehydration.

  • Be on time . . . that way you don’t hold anyone up.

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