Be Prepared

Remember! Canoeists Appreciate Their Surroundings

They are generally individualists who want to protect their sport and the environment in which they paddle. They are not loud and boisterous nor do they leave trash or litter. Keep Bayou Lafourche clean. Place all litter in the trash bag we provide for each canoe.  We support wilderness ethics, and strongly urge you to do the same. Pack out what you pack in.

We want this trip to be fun, educational, and exciting. The enjoyment of the trip is often related to how well prepared you are. Use this information to help prepare you for an enjoyable adventure on Bayou Lafourche.

This is a four day canoe trip on Bayou Lafourche. This is will not be an extreme sports fan toughest trip, but some gear will be required. A canoe, tent, sun glasses etc. In the following pages we have provided checklists and arrangements for gear rentals.

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